Program sanatorium Sol'vychegodsk, Wellness programs, treatment

Sanatorium "Solvychegodsk" offers to go through a Wellness program designed specifically for residents of the Arkhangelsk region. For more information You can contact us by phone +7 (8182) 434-575 Mud-bath treatment is carried out on the basis of highly mineralized chloride-nurievich water from wells and mud of the lake "Salt" and assulting srednekamennogo glandular sapropel from the lake "of Besedino", located 12 km. from the city. Sanatorium "Solvychegodsk" is called the "Northern Matsesta" for only in the North-West and center of Russia, the source of mineral water with a high content of hydrogen sulphide, having the properties of healing many, the most common human diseases associated with neurological and cardiac congestion, poor environment, poor diet. Call: +7 (8182) 434-575

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